Pipe Band Drumming Lessons

Welcome to Pipe Band Drumming Lessons with Scott Niven - the only full-time instructor in the North-East of Scotland. Scott has over 20 years experience of Pipe Bands and has been involved in teaching drummers since the age of 13! Now working full time in schools and with bands around the North-East, he has built up a clientele of well over 70 pupils every week, from age 4 to 60.

Scott Niven Pipe Band Drumming LessonsPipe Band Snare Drumming is a form of drumming that has seen resurgence in recent years. A very technical form of drumming, it is highly regarded with the percussion community, with none other than the famous Jazz Drummer and Big Band leader Buddy Rich pronouncing a leading light of the Pipe Band world Alex Duthart the greatest drummer on earth. When this is combined with the tonal and rhythmic qualities of Tenor Drum, along with the unique flourishing aspect, and the heartbeat effect of the Bass Drum, Pipe Band Drumming becomes one of the most musical forms of percussion to be found.

The rudiment, music reading and dynamic skills built up in Snare Drumming will stand a percussionist in good stead on any other form of drum – and on many other instruments.

But, as well as musical skills, Pipe Band Drumming opens the door to many exciting opportunities. The chance to become part of Scotland’s rich history and traditions, to develop discipline skills, to build on personal skills within a group of like minded people, to travel the country and even the world, even to help instrumental skills strengthen the brain. But most of all – to have fun!

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